Principal’s Welcome


Stansbury Primary School prepares learners for future challenges by focusing on educational excellence in a happy, positive and supportive setting. We believe in an innovative positive learning environment and our learning spaces are inspiring, natural and reflect our philosophy and values. We are committed to providing a balanced quality curriculum for all students.

Evidence based practices inform our teaching pedagogies with a strong focus on explicit teaching. Due to our small class numbers, teachers have many opportunities to work with children either in small groups or one on one, allowing them to give regular feedback about each child’s learning and guide next learning goals. We have a strong support staff ratio with a SSO supporting children during literacy and numeracy times in both classes. We provide a pastoral care program helping to maintain the balance between students’ academic success and their wellbeing.

At the centre of our school is our community who actively engaged with students and their collective achievements with enthusiasm, energy and commitment. The small school environment creates a family atmosphere where children are encouraged to nurture relationships with others. We work with families to ensure our children develop into successful learners who are resilient, curious, confident, collaborative and creative. Our core values of responsibility, honesty, and friendship underpin everything we do at Stansbury primary school which is reflected by our learners and support positive decisions and actions both within the school and the wider community.

Amanda Narroway